Personal Statement

When I took over as Young Independence Social Media Director, my aim was to build an online community for YI in order to make us seem friendly, fun and engaging. Since I have taken this on, the Director of Policy at the ASI has said that YI Twitter users were ‘a cut above other political parties’ both in terms of political engagement as well as the community online that we have. I want to take this idea that YI is a community, and roll it out across the country.

Having previously been YI Elections' Officer and having assisted on the YI target seats council campaign, as well as working at and organising YI action days for multiple by-elections including Barnsley and Feltham and Heston, I know how important and influential YI can be as campaigners. However, we are not just leaflet fodder; if I am elected Chairman I will attempt to turn YI into a community of friends by holding regular social events. We cannot expect people to join YI and immediately be happy to be used as merely a leafletter. By building links and friendships with regular social activities we can encourage both new and fringe members to get more involved as well as bringing non-members into the fold.

When I first joined YI it was a small clique of only a few people. Thanks to the tireless work of Harry Aldridge we have grown to an organisation that boasts numerous university societies as well as local and regional branches, with a membership threatening the Lib Dems for third largest youth wing. Using the great example of YI Yorkshire I want to build up the importance and influence of regional YI branches to allow new members to instantly have contact with YI as well as allowing organisation for local campaign days, training days and socials.

I have represented UKIP before at Young Britons Foundation and Liberty League conference. If elected I want to expand YI’s connections with organisations like these and other centre-right and liberty-minded groups. These should be fertile grounds to spread UKIP’s message of liberty and democracy.

In regards to the YI council, I want it to become more in touch with regular YI members. I intended to create new positions such Universities Officer, redefining Grassroots Officer to have more focus on building up regional presences, and merging Press and Social Media into Communications to be a focal point of contact. By having officers that focus on the regions and on universities I want to be able to develop these in terms of importance within YI. I also want to make more use of sub-teams, so that YI Council members can call on the wealth of talent within our party to help them in their jobs; each Council member is, after all, only one person and with so much responsibility it is only sensible to have a team to assist.

As any who know me for my online presence will testify, I am outspoken and passionate about what I believe in. If you elect me YI Chairman, I will turn this passion and enthusiasm into building on the foundations that Harry has laid, turning YI into a truly national organisation with a strong presence in the regions, in universities and in campaigns. But most importantly I want YI to be a fun organisation that people enjoy being a member of, and consequentially one that people look forward to helping and working for.