I fully endorse Olly for the position of YI chairman. He is best able to continue the work of YI to date given his experience on the council and active involvement in YI. Olly's first hand experience establishing the University of York Society will also help YI to better support new societies across the country and become more university focused

Harry Aldridge
Chairman Young Independence 

The best candidate for YI Chairman is by far and away Olly Neville. Since joining UKIP, Olly’s commitment to the party and particularly YI has been exemplary, having built up an extensive online network and running the successful Independence Home site entirely for the benefit of Young Independence. There isn’t a day that goes by when he is not advertising the virtues of YI to a wider audience, more than proving his worth as a stellar member of the YI Council.
Olly is incredibly amenable, able to address both seasoned members of YI and newer activists with the same levels of respect and bonhomie, ensuring that everyone feels included and treated as a valued member of the party. His ideas for the future of YI also build carefully on the golden foundations laid by his predecessors, utilising sensible and carefully-crafted strategies to ensure that the organisation develops into an outstanding political force.
I am encouraged by Olly’s assertion that he shall forefront the policies that are actually in both YI’s and UKIP’s best interests, especially when contrary to his more provocative stances, and thus proving that he would take the role with the proficient attitude it requires and deserves.
With Olly at the helm, I have every confidence that YI shall go from strength to strength.

Thomas Booker
Founder-Chairman of LGBTQ* in UKIP

There are few people as enthusiastic and keen about YI and UKIP than Olly. He has given generously of his time and energy helping to campaign for UKIP not only on the doorstep but also online; where he has radically transformed and improved YI’s social media presence. Further, first-hand experience of setting up a UKIP society at University, which will stand him in good stead to help nurture YI’s growing University presence, and a keen awareness that YI’s strength has been that it is more than just leaflet fodder means that I can think of no one better for the role of Chairman. To my mind he will therefore be the perfect successor to Harry Aldridge; continuing the great work already done and building upon it to take YI to even greater heights.

John Gill
YI Secretary

Olly is a reliable, courageous and loyal young man. These are qualities which are hard to come by in this day and age, espcially in the political world. I'd trust him implicitly with leading YI to best it can be and being a great role model for our younger members... Oh and to keep the party power away from any young careerists. To boot, Olly is a great friend who I value hugely. PEOPLE: Vote NEVSTER!

Sanya Jeet-Thandi
YI Events officer

Olly Neville is the right man to lead Young Independence into the next chapter of UKIP’s history. During his years as a YI Committee Member he has been dedicated and reliable making himself an asset to the group. I am confident that in the position of leader his huge political enthusiasm will have the power to excite the YI grassroots and attract new members to our ranks

Julian Conway 
Chairman of Friends of Israel in UKIP 

Olly's outstanding work within the YI council has boosted our public and online presence for bothYI and UKIP in terms or Twitter, Facebook, Independence Home and so on. He is UKIP through and through and I believe the best one to carry on Harry's work of making YI more creditable whilst being in touch and able to connect with the youth of today.   
Steve Fowler Treasurer Young Independence.

As one of the main people who recruited me to the Party, using social media in order to do so, I believe I can speak highly of Olly Neville's strengths.
He's willing to engage with everyone; no-one is off limits. Olly will put you, and YI as a whole, before himself. He seeks not personal gain, or future advancement, simply to see UKIP take its' rightful place in the House of Commons.
You will struggle to find a more hard working, dedicated candidate for the Chairmanship, and, having worked closely with the outgoing Chairman, Harry Aldridge, will see great continuity taking place, with YI not being the leaflet fodder of Conservative Future, nor the talking shop that is Labour Students or Liberal Youth.
Young Independence needs a Chairman that brings together North and South, East and West; Olly Neville recognises the strength in depth that YI has.
For a Chairman that has the interests of UKIP solely at heart, please, vote Olly Neville for YI Chairman, and let him expand on the outstanding work done by Harry Aldridge.

Richard Lowe
YI North West Regional Chairman
UKIP City of Chester Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

Treasurer of Friends of Palestine in UKIP

Olly is full of ideas and enthusiasm for the future of YI. I have no doubt he will deliver on his promises and YI will continue to prosper under his leadership.

Laura McEvoy
UKIP Surrey

Olly Neville is central figure in YI, and one of the reasons I joined UKIP. His online presence is second to none, he has experience on YI Council, he is well liked and eminently approachable, and his intellect and political acumen are respected both within and without UKIP. As Branch Chairman of Bolton, I want a chairman who will continue Harry Aldridge's works on making YI a truly national organisation, and not just a purple version of Conservative Future.

Lee Jenkins
Branch Chairman UKIP Bolton, Deputy Editor of Independence Home

Olly has an array of skills, qualities and experience which he can bring to the role of YI Chairman and has displayed within his roles in UKIP in recent times.
Through his online presence he has made UKIP more engaging, more exciting and more appealing to young people right across the country. In addition to this, Olly also has the ability to bring the experience he holds from both local elections and parliamentary by election campaigns to the table, thus being able to help, guide and assist YI members in the forthcoming county council election next year, where in many cases it will be members first time standing.
As a Chairman of a YI university society and deputy of YI Yorkshire I understand the importance of university societies and a YI regional structure and trust Olly to build on the solid foundations Harry Aldridge has laid.
If you want a Chairman who has the skills and the experience to ensure YI continues to evolve and prosper, your vote could only ever go to Olly Neville.

Sam Launder 
YI Yorkshire Deputy Chairman. University of Sheffield UKIP Chairman.

As his long-suffering girlfriend, I know first-hand how strong Olly's dedication to UKIP and YI is. If elected, YI will be Olly's first priority, and the welfare of its members at the forefront of this. One of the many reasons that I enjoy being a member of YI so much is that we are not merely treated as campaigning and leafletting fodder to show off to UKIP HQ, but as valued individuals and friends. I know that Olly will continue this precedent set by Harry and expand it with his policies of decentralisation and increased social events. I also know him as a person to be an incredibly loyal, dedicated and passionate individual that you can all trust to do a great job.

Christina Annesley 
YI Yorkshire Vice Chairman

As a former Conservative Future member, I see and value the importance of having a group of individuals who are able to speak their mind freely without having a tonne of bricks thrown in their general direction. As far as I can see, Olly Neville is the only candidate who supports completely free and open debate within Young Independence. This is a good thing! A very good thing! You have no idea how free you'll feel not being constrained!
I might not have mentioned this, but it was actually Olly Neville who convinced me to get on board with the party. I knew I was disillusioned with the Conservative Party at the time and knew I'd be leaving, but had no intention of going elsewhere. But after a few quick chats with Olly, I knew where I wanted to go. Of course, he never goes into a discussion with the intention of changing your opinion, that would be rather un-libertarian of him. He presents his ideas and you take what you want from them. This is the style of debate we need to be adopting. UKIP is changing and instead of opposing that and sticking with the party line as it is currently, if we feel there is an issue, we need to challenge this. Olly is the only candidate, as far as I can see, who will fight for us to have a say within the party that may go against the party line.

Olly is controversial. This is not hidden and I think he'd probably offended if we said he wasn't. But this isn't a bad thing either! It's the controversial (or as I prefer to call them, radical) ideas that we need to discuss more. It's time for us to definitely distinguish ourselves more from the redundant LibLabCon group. Only Olly Neville will push for this within Young Independence and this is why I'm giving him my endorsement. Good luck Olly!
Leon French

I have been a UKIP supporter and activist for just under eight years, in this time I’ve stood, campaigned and been an agent in countless elections, national and local. I’m a branch chairman, former YI Elections officer and currently work for the party leadership. My experiences have taught me that you cannot simply walk into a leadership position, I believe you have to grow into it. Over the past fewmonths, Olly has shown remarkable maturity and leadership and his crowd-sourced approach to addressing problems in YI show how much of an inclusive leader he will be. Already he has shown he can bring YI members from all walks of life together to work on common goals for a truly national organisation. Olly’s down to earth approach means any young member can chat and share ideas, something which I think will not happen under the alternative. It’s time to open YI up to the grassroots members, not create an organisation for a small elite in London 

Chris Cassidy 
Candidate for Manchester Central
Former YI Elections Officer
Branch Chairman

I may not agree with Olly on everything but one thing I like about Olly is that he is a spontaneous person and that's a good quality in leadership

Jakob Whiten

Olly is a dedicated UKIP member, and part of the soul of YI. For better or worse, virtually everyone in UKIP knows who he is. He makes an impact, giving us an impressive online presence – this was one of the things that convinced me to join UKIP, and I'm not the only one. Young Independence is the future of UKIP, we need a chairman that will allow us to grow into the future that we want to see, vibrant, full of ideas and passion for liberty. Olly will be that chairman, and so I endorse him for the role.

Allrik Birch