Wednesday, 31 October 2012

What I can do for YI Scotland

In response to a question I recieved today I am setting out how I can help YI in Scotland:

I have been really pleased at YI Scotland operating pretty much autonomously

Decentralisation is a big platform of mine, I want to give local YI much more power. How I see YI central helping Scotland is sixfold  really

1)      As I want to see serious decentralisation if the word Independence is a problem I would be happy to see YI Scotland change to YouthKip, Young UKIP etc or any other name. I would leave that decision up to you guys, you are the ones fighting every day for us you should be in charge of crucial details like this
2)      My council will have a new revamped Grassroots officers whose main purpose is to assist regional YI branches. I will therefore have an officer full time who can assist with any problems you have
3)      Universities – I want to have a lot more focus on Universities, with dedicated fresher’s packs (UKIP bag, branded merchandise etc ( precise make up to be determined)) and a Universities officer to help get branches set up and get people to come help for campaigns, get high profile talkers up etc
4)      I wish to hold a YI conference every year, Scotland definitely would be a place that could be considered for a conference, which could give you guys press attention, as well as having YI members up for the weekend to build links and thus
5)      I want to hold more social events, which is the best way to get fringe members active and involved. Scotland again is another place to hold socials, which can pull YI-ers just south of the border up as well as be a good chance for you to get new/interested members involved and then hopefully turn them into committed members with the links and friendships built
6)      This may seem a cop out but with the regional approach I want I really will be listening to heads of YI branches around the UK and tailoring what the Council does to suit their needs. If YI Scotland needs more funds for a specific campaign, more help with certain University branches etc .I hope to be an engaging chair, I know many have said YI is too London centric and not in touch with other areas of the country and so I want to change that, but the people who really know what is needed are the people on the ground. I wouldn’t be presumptuous enough to tell YI Scotland how it can do better, all I can say is that I have plans that I think will help, I will give advice if its needed, and responded to requests as best I can

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