Friday, 16 November 2012

YI Chairman Harry Aldridge backs the Olly Neville campaign

YI elections are about YI. Young Independence members do not need other parts of the party telling them how to vote. When I decided to stand for Chairman the only support and endorsements I looked for were from members of YI who knew the issues and challenges in YI because they faced them every day. If Nigel Farage himself had offered me his backing it would not be something my campaign would even mention. I do not believe in patronising YI by having those with little knowledge of what YI needs pushing them to vote one way or the other.

There is no one who knows what YI faces more than Harry Aldridge. Under his leadership we have seen the largest ever growth in YI’s membership, presence on University campuses and activity on social media. The first thing I did when I wrote my manifesto was to ask for his opinion. 

To have Harry’s backing (read his full testimonial here) means more to me than if every NEC member had signed up behind me. I am proud to be standing for YI on a positive platform of growth, carrying on the work Harry has started. With his complete backing I know that if elected I will take YI forward and allow our members to reach their full potential

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