Saturday, 10 November 2012

A YI Policy Unit

If YI is to help the main party it needs to do more than just campaigning. Both I and my opponent have a strong record on campaigning, we both worked on the target seats campaign when I was elections officer, I organised YI action days in Feltham and Heston and I campaigned again alongside my opponent in the London mayoral elections. Elections are important and I want to continue to see a rise in YI members on the ground in elections and standing for Council, Parliament and more.

However, I see YI as having a bigger role than just leaflet fodder. There are so many people of talent within YI, who can benefit the party with more than just their ability to campaign. While I have set out many ways I want to use the talent within YI one of the big areas are on policy.

UKIP is unique as a party in that if you want to change something you can. We are not top heavy or top down like the old three parties. If you have a good enough idea you can change the party. I want to see YI members who have these idea having a platform to put them forward. While a proper YI conference (not just a glorified campaigning day) is one place to do this, I want to help those YI-ers who want to change party policy.

Stick a good idea in front of the NEC and they will seriously consider it as policy. By setting up a YI policy unit we can help those YI members who have good ideas to polish them and refine them and possibly change their party.

Giving Young Independence Members a real chance to change their party will help them connect. It will also help the party, that will benefit from the radical thinking and different approach many YI members have. Our press office has already congratulated YI before on our radicalism, so lets put that talent to the best use. If you elect me as Chairman I will help YI help UKIP, which will benefit all of us.

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