Sunday, 11 November 2012

Building Links with Other Organisations

Other organisations

As part of my campaign I want to build strong links to other organisations. Places like the TFA, YBF, IEA, ASI and Liberty League are prime recruiting grounds for YI. I have attended YBF events for over a year and will be going to their conference this December as well. Due to my activism YBF sent me to America back in February to campaign for Ron Paul in the Republican primaries. Likewise I represented UKIP at Liberty League Conference as the only YI council member in attendance. I regularly attend TFA events with John Gill, our Secretary and TFA member, have attended IEA events with Treasurer candidate and former intern at the IEA Allrik Birch as well as being personal friends with the head of Policy at the ASI Sam Bowman as well as Pete Spence who is in charge of their student programs.

I want to build on these links that I as well as many others in YI have already spent years cultivating, I feel as someone who has been well involved in these organisations I would be well placed to help expand UKIPs influence in them, get UKIP and YI speakers at events and bring a larger presence

These events are full of political activists, those that are most interested and receptive to UKIP’s message of freedom and liberty, and who are also the types that will become active campaigners, those most likely to spread YIs message and bring more people on board.

If YI is to expand we need to act immediately, with a proven record at building links with external organisations I feel I am best placed out of the candidates for Chairman to ensure that we can properly utilise our relationships with these groups.

If you want to see YI better use external organisations I urge you, join the Nevolution

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