Monday, 12 November 2012

Why I didn’t look for big party backers

 This election is about YI. When I threw my hat into the ring I decided that I was not going to ask any main party non YI members for support. I did not want to patronise Young Independence members by getting people who know less about the organisation than they do telling them how to vote.

I asked people with experience of YI, like Harry Aldridge our Chairman, John Gill our Secretary, Steve Fowler our Treasurer, Sanya Jeet our Events Officer, Julian Conway Chairman of UKIP Friends of Israel, Richard Lowe North West Chairman and Treasurer of UKIP Friends of Palestine as well as many others (see my testimonials page here)  I did not seek to blind UKIP members with big names, style and little substance. I knew that YI-ers were not the types to be bowled over by names who know little about the problems they face but by substance and support from those who are with them in the fight for a better YI

If you believe in YI like I do, vote for policies, vote for style over substance, please vote Olly Neville and join the Nevolution.

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