Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Dangers of Purple CF

Conservative Future are an incredibly centralised, London centric organisation, used only for campaigning. I never want to see YI become a purple CF. While there are lessons to learn from them such as their impressive record with social events  which are the best way to invigorate and encourage people to campaign, and their universities presence, we must learn the lessons from the less successful aspects of CF

The Tories use their youth members as leaflet fodder, focusing solely on campaigns. While they retain many members due to their impressive social programme many feel disgruntled at not being valued. I would set up a YI policy unit so we could use the vast pools of talent that exist in YI to benefit YI.

CF is a centralised mess, with the organisation being a cliquey and London based. I do not want similar things to happen to UKIP.  Rather than as my opponent proposes only allowing the Chairman to no confidence council members and making YI trips elitist affairs with members chosen by the Chairman, I want to open up YI, improve our presence all over the country by setting up regional committees allowing members to tailor YI’s approach to what is most effective and what is needed in different regions.

To make YI an elitist campaigning unit, unable to bring new members in due to a lack of ways to enthuse new members, while taking away the ability of our University societies to recruit new members would undo all the good work and progress we made under Harry. Have a look at my manifesto, where I set out a rounded balanced approach to attract new members, invigorate them to become active campaigners and empower regions to allow ourselves to grow across the country, not just in localised areas

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